(Partners' non-Department's  ever-Locale Apartment )

'Dream-Castles of Reality'


Whatever Arts Blind & Bind Us hard,
We're never really a part though a part!

Non-locality straight from
One-Two Whole Heart's -Part 

hestebagtrop.jpg (270694 byte)

... Once upon a time in a little far away place in mater-energy two particles met.
Just Here-Now, the two united what  miraculous magick moment
- two tones one song sung - two hearths one destiny spun
In the Union that Man & Elfin, Gnome & Troll as well as Angle & God
Know of as AGAPE or hot love

- ... and the old quirky Waveometer Measured Many World-Multiples

... Once upon another time from the two sprang would spring
Yet one more particle thing  yet one (one more)  in Wavy-Fields would sing!!!

... Now here comes then this their story:
From hereon in ever-non-locality they would never-not part!!!
Their loving web would wave through 
any later particular moment's particle momentum
Be they yet spaces & ages apart - they would, could, should not part - they felt part!

What happened then???

ANY-THING my dear dear friend