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Roots of Reality

Stormy Genious of Stan Gooch


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Finding out what:

"... each of the despised, persecuted, denied, repressed, hated and lost elements of human cultures world-wide (menstruation, the labyrinth, the moon, thirteen, the spider, the feminine, witchcraft, matriarchy, the occult, and so on) might somehow all belong together"

Cities of Dreams chapter 12 page 193.

One of Stan Gooch's many precise conclusions (later) to get confirmed by research, the question of  the Neanderthal hair-gene, (and with it the 'red-hair'-mob-mopping in most cultures).

"I would suggest here that from 30,000 years ago forwards - the time of the initial meeting of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon - the priestesses and priests of the moon religion had often been red-haired ... By 5000 BP this concept of the red-haired priests had been lost - but it was still at that time considered, in Egypt and in Europe, that the sacrifice of red-haired individuals was the most 'valuable' sacrifice ... Interestingly enough, in his novel about Neanderthal man, The Inheritors, William Golding gives his Neanderthals red, curly hair. Curly hair, in any case, is another item on my own list of Neanderthal qualities."

Cities of Dreams (p. 229):

Other Gooch AHAs:

Why left-hander mobbing?

So now Skadifolk (Scandinavians) better understand why American nazis who try to make our old ancestral God, Tor, a hero of the nazi-Cro-Magnon genocide syndromes, seems always to forget the fact, that Tor has a lot of red (not yellow-blonde) hair and also a very red beard ... and also you might already here perceive that doctor Gooch does indeed address those darkest and most foreboding recesses of the human mind, the collective human mind, our ancestral skeletal closet, what about this one:

"Not only did Cro-Magnon not evolve out of Neanderthal (or vice versa), but neither one began before the other. They evolved in parallel, over the same span of time. Some fifteen million years ago Ramapithecus in India and Kenyapithecus in Africa were very, very similar creatures - virtually identical. From then on, however, two different closed environments worked upon them to produce ever greater divergences. ... The two types are actually both equally old - and neither evolved from the other ... My compelling reason for wishing to interweave the two stories, however was because the are interwoven in us. ... Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, like Goethe's Faust, is an artistic expression of man's divided self."

(from 'The Neanderthal Question' p. 70)

Addressing the icy-facts of planetary history, something (perhaps that interstellar (no life securing) gas-sun-blotting filter) made deep-freeze the prevailing condition in the last 200-300 million years or so (The Neanderthal Question p. 7) read also Griwold Morley & ArguŽlles &.c.
And what about this one, let us not forget that 'sexual bonding' (not the ability to communicate, is THE main segregational line between Smiths (mankind) and Fidos (animalkind) from 'Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom' p. 38:
Both as a professional psychologist and a freelance lecturer I have visited institutions which house closed arders of nuns and priests respectively. I have even stayed in the latter. These orders have, of course, entirely given up sex as an aspect of their lives - or so they say. ...
I have been struck in the institutions mentioned by the generally boyish behavior and attitudes of the men, and the girlish behaviour of the women. On the basis of such obeservation, I would think that many of these people are cases uf unfulfilled or arested sexual development. In that general emotional area, they are not so much asexual as pre-pubertal.
Well, no doubt, that comment has offended some religious readers of this book, but I am afraid my next suggestion will offend them still further. I am going to suggest that the priesthood has always been a refuge for types of homosexual and lesbian, as also for other kinds of  sexual 'devieance' - i.e. sexual, pre-sexual or asexual behaviours whose goal is not the production of children. I am going to go even as fas as to suggest that the homosexual/lesbian and androgynous human being has made a significant contribution to the evolution of religion.


And Mr Gooch did precise the concept of 'neotony' - how did primitive man get on terms with his fellow man?

"... what inhibitors or releasers - enable these males (temporarily) to overcome their natural antipathy to each other"

  (The Neanderthal Question p. 34 and then next page:)

".... young apes look more like us because we have managed to play one of nature's oldest tricks - that of preserving child-like characteristics into adult life. This process is called netony ... The process of neotony is central to any understanding of man's evolution, and in particular to my own views."

But you will get no more here for now, why should Per Olsen tell you about the roots of the fine thing we call science, human society and organised family life? Why should he tell you how and why to keep young, when that poor elderly Mr Gooch starves arm- and arms-broken in his chair... suffering in Dickens-like squalor in that war-mongering demon-ridden-robber-ruffian-society that the Kinks so effectively protested against burning their UK Jive and flag to show that someEnglish good-will still existed!


- After all, he, Stan Gooch, the uncompromising genius made this research at a very high expense ... so please send him a million English pounds if you must cling to your Krugerrands, and ask the guy to explain it all again once more ...