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Example Exemplar Entities

Alfred Korzibsky

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Sane Jive

Some experiences after 7-9-13 years
of putting 10.000s of pages into Prime
(e-prime and/or d-prime (:Danish Prime))

by Per Olsen

Slightly different version

'Existence - non-existence? -: Good Question!'

Why fear the passive form? -: Ego-loss and scientific objectivity!?!

The Burland 'constitute' and some synonyms: 'makes', 'forms', 'creates', 'brings', 'appears as', 'gets known as', 'could get labeled:', and:  ':'  

The common colon decline and an e-prime colon-climb coming! -: Why not make writ words short?

Some ideas as to create auxiliary broadness and precision in temporal perfectum and plusquamperfectum: 

What about 'to have'? -: The Eastern thought, greed and the impermanence of belonging and belongings. 

Descriptive objectivity's 'rightness' and the L.R. Hubbard terms 'beingness', 'havingness' and 'doingness' ...

Thinking happens -: thus existence occurs!

Don't tell them about Prime (: They'll hate it!) - When they find out and asks: explain (: They'll love it!)

Don't avoid pidgin-prime - refine thy rapture over time (microcomputers and textual non-terminate existence -: this page now in version X (the RAW 'slightly different'-copy))

Double-morality, dogmatism, propaganda, media-hype, advertising and prime-correctives

'Come to save the world'-roles and 'loosingness': The Anthropometer and anthropometrics; General Semantics and semantics in general

Most everything acts relatively to most everything else

The identity-illusion and quantum mechanics (two or more quantum-states: double-identity or behavioral competence?)

The predicative-illusion and theories of relativity (will modality verbs and perceptions-verbs suffice? What about action- and performance-verbs?)

The unspeakable object level and principles of uncertainty (symbol-manipulation and the stuff of the stars.) Using 'pointer-' ('-:') and 'vector' ('/')-symbols

Neural-perception and speed of light limits (What eye see?) (NOT: what I see

Extra-neural perception and non-locality (the most-all-seeing eye) (NOT: the almost seeing I)

In the beginning the word took form

Time-binding and work-papers (towards conscious cross-time communication and relevant-relativistic point-making)

Mapping the territory: will words survive as THE semantic precision-tool? (: Towards a Vogt 'Null-A' game-player-dictatorship or scientific sanity?)

Abstraction, abstracting, abstracts - will humanity ever see/get the Thing beyond the Word?

Loose ends: the Korzibsky quoting-signs and hyphenations - still more markers or marked still?
Got to get it: will result in: sign-revision: and when ?

Survival: language as life-extension, life-extension beyond the word and the fool - yea the Word and the Fool!

Information wants to be free