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Example Exemplar Entities

Alfred Korzibsky

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Sane Jive

Experiences from 7-9-13 years 
f putting 100.000s of sentences into Prime
(e-prime or/and d-prime (: Danish Prime)) 

by P. Olsen

'Existence - non-existence? -: Good Question!'

Don't fear the passive form? -: Ego-loss constitute some scientific objectivity!

Mr.  Burland's  'constitute' and some synonyms: 'shapes', 'forms', 'makes', 'brings', 'appears somwhat', '(get(s)) known as', 'can label as:', and:  ':'  

The decline in common colon  and this coming e-prime colon-climb! Why not make meaning clear? 

Ideas to create auxiliary broadness and precision in past tense and before past tense:

Why still use 'to have'? Temporal related structures 'feeling' bonded on the unspeakable level?

Descriptive objectivity's 'rightness' and the L.R. Hubbard terms 'beingness', 'havingness' and 'doingness' as operative not identificative terms for auxiliary verb 'conjunctics'

Thinking happens -: thus existence occurs!

Don't tell them about Prime (: They'll mob it!) - When they admire and asks: explain (: They'll move it!)

Don't avoid pidgin-prime - rapture-refining most all of the time (computerwordprocessing and textual existence beyond Terminator X -: this page now in version 2 (the Robert Anton Wilson: 'slightly different'-copy))

Double-morality, dogmatism, propaganda, media-hype, advertising and prime-correctives

'Come to grasp the world'-modes and 'loosingness': The Anthropometer doing anthropometrics; General Semantics or semantics in general

Most everything acts relatively to most everything else

The identity-illusion and quantum mechanics (two or more quantum-states: double-identity or behavioral competence?)

The predicative-illusion and theories of relativity (will modality verbs and perceptions-verbs suffice? What about action- and performance-verbs?)

The unspeakable object level and principles of uncertainty (symbol-manipulation and the stuff of the stars.) Using 'pointer-' ('-:') and 'vector' ('/')-symbols

Neural-perception and limits at the speed of light  (What eye do see?) (NOT: what do I see?

Extra-neural perception and non-locality (the 'all'-seeing eye) (NOT: the all seeing I)

In the beginning the word took form

Time-binding through work-papers (towards multi-conscious cross-time calibrations with relativistic-relevant point-mapping)

Territory-Mapping: will words survive as THE semantic precision-tool? (: Towards a A.E. Vogt 'The World of  Null-A' game-player-democracy or scientific insanity?)

Abstractions abstracting abstracts - will humanity ever see/get the Thing beyond the Word?

Loose ends (2002 e.v.): the Korzibsky quoting-signs and hyphenations - still more markers or marked still? Got to get it: will result in: sign-revision: and when ? (2004 e.v.)

Survival: Life-extension through litteracy, life-extension beyond the word and the fool - yea the word and the fool!

Informations want freedom